Commonplace is disrupting the single family home. A radically reinvented way to design and construct a home with non-combustible, mold-resistant materials for reduced waste and environmental stewardship.

Thoughtful Design

Thoughtful Design

Architecturally refined, the Commonplace home is centred around an indoor-outdoor experience. Efficient planning paired with precision fabrication are the basis of each design. All variations feature expansive windows, thoughtful millwork, and sophisticated detailing prioritizing room proportions, natural light, axial views and extensive storage.

Innovative Construction

Innovative Construction

A Commonplace home is delivered in less time than conventional home construction, with fewer trades and nearly zero site waste. Commonplace homes are suited for construction in all communities and regions, especially remote areas with limited access to trades or in locations with wildfire or flood exposure.

Our Homes

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an innovation
in construction.

Our Homes


Level 1: 765 sf

Porch & Courtyard: 175 sf

Bedrooms: 2

Baths: 1

Minimum Lot Size: 33' x 100'

M Bungalow

Level 1: 1,315 sf

Porch: 170 sf

Courtyard: 130 sf

Bedrooms: 2

Baths: 2

Minimum Lot Size: 33' x 100'

l 2-Storey

Level 1: 1,760 sf

Level 2: 950 sf

Total Living Space: 2,710 sf

Porch: 225 sf

Courtyard: 240 sf

Rooftop: 420 sf

Bedrooms: 3

Baths: 3

Minimum Lot Size: 50' x 110'

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