built faster,
built stronger,
built safer,
built anywhere.

Replacing conventional wood frame stick-built construction, Commonplace™ uses a structurally insulated C3 Engineered Fireboard panel system to deliver a high performing, fire resistant, and energy efficient home that can be deployed in even the most remote locations.

conventional vs MgO systems

Faster construction & superior workmanship improves your bottom line

Superior strength for structural integrity & lasting durability

Greater safety with up to 4-hour fire rating – 1-hour standard

Eco-friendly – sustainable materials, reduced job-site waste & minimum R25 insulating value

Mold & Mildew resistance dramatically reduces sick building syndrome

Insect & rodent resistance protects buildings, & reduces chance of infestation

No off-gassing means healthier indoor air quality (unlike use of OSB or plywood)

Superior sound dampening – ideal for shared walls in schools, hotels, and multi-family buildings